原発とメキシコ湾岸原油流出の共通点-- 『安全です』

Dear NaturalNews readers,

In what can only be called truly incredible breaking news, President Obama yesterday announced that Americans should NOT prepare for the possibility of radioactive fallout. They should only watch the news and listen to official information, but don't get prepared.

It's truly one of the most cowardly examples of non-leadership I've ever seen in the White House, and that includes President Bush reading books to kindergarteners during the 9/11 attacks. With this announcement, Obama has set in motion a non-preparedness attitude in America that will get people killed if a radioactive plume really does rain down upon California and the West Coast.

His actions today were inexcusable and highly irresponsible. What kind of President tells Americans to NOT prepare for a pending possible disaster? Even the U.S. government's own preparedness website www.Ready.Gov urges people to follow these three steps: 1) Have a (preparedness) kit, 2) Make a plan, and 3) Stay informed.

Obama says that's just too much. Who needs a kit? Who needs a plan? Just watch TV! It is the most dangerous and mindless advice I have yet heard on this whole nuclear catastrophe situation.

Read my full story on Obama's completely asinine announcement that Americans should NOT prepare for what might be coming their way real soon:

「TVでも見て 緊急時用に何も準備するな」--か

備えあれば憂いなし(恐れることはない) ⇔ 備えはせずにTV見る


Today NaturalNews also covered the story of how the MOX fuel in Fukushima reactor #3 is a combination of plutonium and enriched uranium. This is what terrorists use to make dirty bombs, folks. It's nasty stuff.

This MOX fuel is 2,000,000 times more toxic than enriched uranium alone. And it has a half-life of 24,000 years. And it could be released into the atmosphere if they don't get this situation under control:

The NRC, meanwhile, says the fuel rod cooling pools have run dry. Every nuclear engineer in the world knows this is a red alert event when your cooling pools run dry:

NaturalNews has donated $12,000 to the rescue efforts in Japan. Just as promised, we've been taking a significant portion of our recent revenues from store sales and redirecting them back to Japan. Here's our official announcement:

For those who are still looking for potassium iodide, it's virtually impossible to get. But due to our connections in the industry, we were able to acquire a rare supply being manufactured this weekend in California, and due to be shipped out on Monday, March 21st. This is pure potassium-iodide, the "radiation pills" handed out by the government when nuclear accidents occur. 30mg per capsule, 40 capsules in a bottle, enough for a 10-day supply for 1 person in the middle of a radiation fallout scenario.

This is very likely among the very last remaining supply in North America for a while. Everything else that we could find is completely sold out. Even this inventory will probably be gone before Sunday. Get details in our announcement:

A couple of important notes: Potassium iodide is emergency medicine, not a nutritional supplement! I would personally NEVER take this stuff unless I was about to be hit with radiation. Do not acquire these pills and start popping them like candy. That's insane. These are for emergency use ONLY. Read more in my article above...

Of course, if you believe Obama, there's no need to prepare anyway. Just watch the basketball games, tune in to CNN and don't worry about any of those pesky little nuclear meltdown problems. Sticking our collective heads in the sand has never seemed so patriotic!


メキシコ湾--「事故」--水俣湾 Phoenix Rising from the Gulf

Commercial Fishermen- Seafood is NOT safe
Video of Commercial Fishermen, saying seafood is NOT safe from the Gulf and how the Government and BP wants the fishermen to sign waivers saying the fishermen are the responsible party for any seafood that is toxic that goes on the market. The FDA is saying it is safe..... they are ONLY doing a smell test - no real testing is being done for toxins etc. The fishermen want toxic testing done.

メキシコ湾原油流出 --「安全だから ここの魚を食べましょう」--か


Obama administration urges armed forces,
public school children to eat as much Gulf seafood as possible

December 09, 2010 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer NaturalNews

It seems that no matter how many times government officials try to convince the public that Gulf seafood is safe to eat, Americans simply are not buying it. So the Obama administration has resorted to pushing the stuff on the public sector, which includes the nation's prison systems, the military, and even public schools.



Natural News のMike Adams が推奨しているものも

Significantly increase your intake of iodine-containing foods
and superfoods starting right now:

Seaweeds (海藻) are a great source.


マスコミに載らない海外記事 以下抜粋








気にしていな いことを示している。



上杉隆氏 touch0329



March 18, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff

..the Japanese government has been lying to those living close to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor and pretending that the impending meltdown is not a significant threat.

Mayor Katsunobu Sakurai, Mayor of Minamisoma, population 71,000, says that immediately after the earthquake and tsunami, government officials ignored his calls asking for advice on how to handle the situation. Minamisoma

When Sakurai was finally able to get through to officials days after the disaster, they assured him there was nothing to worry about--Sakurai believed them and consequently did not instruct his people to evacuate....But when Sakurai finally discovered that authorities were deliberately withholding the true severity of the nuclear fallout situation from both him and the people of Minamisoma, he was outraged. His city is just outside the government's recommended radius for evacuation, but is still close enough to be harmed by radiation.

It is important to note that the same officials who have been lying to the Japanese people are also telling the world that the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi reactors is under control, and that radiation levels are minimal. But based on their track record of honesty, can we honestly just take their word for it at this point?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031747_nuclear_fallout_disinformation.html#ixzz1H5Hz3X2r



武田邦彦教授 YouTube 15分27秒

付近住民に (逃げるための)オートバイと 


オートバイ ヨウ素を配ったら、
原子力発電所が事故を起こす ということを認めることになる

万全を期した上で 万が一に備えるのが鉄則です。

万全を期さないで かつ 起こることを予想しない


カレイドスコープ 以下抜粋










2009映画 「メキシコ湾原油流出」

映画Knowing の中で、
時計が 11:59 から12:00  へ変わる。
12:00の文字のすぐ右下にな ぜJAPAN (1分20秒/3分)


1945年 7月29日に 米軍機か ら撒かれたビラ
『証言 2008 ヒロシマ・ナガサ キの声 第22集』
遺稿 私の原爆体験記  山田勝 美氏(当時16歳)

『舞い落ちてきた ビ ラ』

戦争も 終末に近づいていた近くの川で 魚を釣っていた時、
空から 紙片が ヒラヒラと舞い降りてきた。
それは  小さなビラで 時計の中に 

時計は12時5分前を 指していた。
びっくりした2人は それを持ち帰り 皆に見せた。
米軍機から撒かれたビラも その図もあまり ピン と来なかった。
それから10日 後に 原爆落とされようとは夢にも思わなかったから