JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies!

JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies! (seandulac

"The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society.
And there is very grave danger--need for increased security...
will be seized upon... to the very limits of official censorship and
concealment. I will not permit to the extent it is in my control.
We are opposed aroung the world by a monolithic and ruthless
Relies on covert means.
Its preparations are concealed.
No rumor is printed.
I'm asking your help...
Of informing the American people.

Without debate, without criticism...no republic can survive. "

すべての道はローマに通ず--- はホントだった

Daniel by Charlene Fortsch

President Kennedy began pulling troops from South Vietnam.
The Papacy strongly objected to this,
and President Kennedy was gunned down.

The very next day, Memorandum 278 was signed,
which reversed Kennedy's decision
to deescalate the war in South Vietnam.

1980: By this year all major religious organizations have been
infiltrated and taken over by the Jesuits.

According to Ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera,
all the mainstream churches were taken over by 1980.


---Kennedy disobeys the Pope
"In 1960, John Kennedy went from Washington to Texas
to assure Protestant preachers that he would not obey the pope.

In 2001, George Bush came from Texas up to Washington
to assure a group of Catholic Bishops that
he would obey the pope." Washington times, April 16, 2001. ---

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And do Americans need to be told what Jesuits are?
… they are a secret society, a sort of Masonic order,
with super added features of revolting odiousness,
and a thousand times more dangerous.

They are not merely priests, or of one religious creed;
they are merchants, and lawyers, and editors,
and men of any profession, having no outward badge
by which to be recognized; they are about in all your society.

They can assume any character, that of angels of light,
or ministers of darkness, to accomplish their one great end…

They are all educated men, prepared and sworn to start
at any moment, and in any direction, and for any service,
commanded by the general of their order, bound to no family,
community, or country, by the ordinary ties which bind men;
and sold for life to the cause of the Roman Pontiff.
— J. Wayne Laurens, The Crisis in America:
or the Enemies of America Unmasked, G. D. Miller, 1855,

pp. 265-267.

The Rothschilds were Jesuits who used their Jewish background
as a facade to cover their sinister activities.

The Jesuits, working through Rothschild and Biddle,
sought to gain control of the banking system ofthe United States.

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When the Illuminati assassinated President Kennedy,
he was killed according to the occult number signature of eleven [11].

He was killed in the 11th month, on the 22nd day,
and on the 33rd parallel.

He was also killed in the Masonic Dealey Plaza,
the most powerful secret society in the world today
to whom the number 11 is extremely important.

The Number 11 was a most powerful occult signature
underlying this entire event.
When it was successfully carried out,
occultists the world over knew exactly
what had happened and who had carried it out.

The Nizkor Project

We will see the fanning of the flames of their planned RACE WAR program in the months ahead as government, through some of their covert national organizations, promotes "whites hating people of color" and vice-versa. Aided by their controlled media, and NWO government-paid agitators/"leaders" on both sides,
the goal is to frighten Americans, of all colors, into accepting Martial Law.
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