Christopher Bollyn "the Dangerous Side Effects of SSRI Medications"

The Urgent Need to Understand the Dangerous Side Effects of SSRI Medications

By Christopher Bollyn 
16 February 2008

When I heard that there had been another shooting on a college campus I knew that it was drug related; they all are. A couple years ago, when there were three such shootings in a month and I had found evidence that they were all related to anti-depressant medications, my editors in Washington, at American Free Press, did not want me to write about it.

They even tried to make fun of it.

--想起:Christopher Bollyn Fired From American Free Press

I knew that the connection between anti-depressant medications and shooting rampages was a censored subject with the controlled press -- and was surprised to see it was the same at American Free Press.

Once again, this time at a college near my home in Illinois, a person whose mind was seriously affected by SSRI anti-depressant medications, has gone on a deadly rampage. And, once again, the media and law enforcement authorities appear completely ignorant of why this has happened.

(SSRI means Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor,
which means a medication that affects the serotonin level in the brain.)

Now there have been 5 such shootings in a week. It is high time that the media and police get serious about understanding the side effects of SSRI medications like Prozac. Tens of millions of Americans take these drugs every day.

It has been widely reported that Stephen Kazmierczak, who shot and killed five Northern Illinois University students at the Dekalb campus on February 14, had recently stopped taking medication and "had become somewhat erratic in the last couple of weeks."

Donald Grady, the chief of the university police force revealed that Kazmierczak had stopped taking his medication -- although he did not reveal the name of the medication -- at a news conference a day after the fatal shooting.

Chief Grady said that Kazmierczak's motive was not known. Nor were there indications he had any relationship with any of his victims who were mowed down as he fired more than 50 shots in a matter of seconds from a lecture hall stage, Grady said.

This is not unusual. There is no motive with these drug-related killings. The drugs have so profoundly affected the serotonin levels in the "medicated" person that any sudden increase or decrease in the dosage can result in insane homicidal behavior.

A former employee at a Chicago psychiatric treatment center said Kazmierczak had been placed there after high school by his parents. She said he used to cut himself and had resisted taking his medications. The desire to cut oneself is a typical symptom and a clear indication that the person is having serious side effects from the SSRI anti-depressants.

How can these doctors pushing these drugs be so ignorant of the side effects of the medications they prescribe to their patients?

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New World Order Mind Altering Drug Corporations Makes ...(Video)

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Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, the author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? has written extensively about the dangers of SSRI medications. The following extract is from Chapter 8:

It is appalling that within the legal community so little is known about the effects of the illegal mind-altering drugs. Even more appalling is the ignorance regarding the legal mind-altering drugs when it comes to their powerful intoxicating effect and the strong impact they have on one's behavior...

Withdrawal "Cold Turkey" 禁断症状

Another practice within our criminal system that we should be extremely concerned about is that prisoners who have been given mind-altering prescription drugs are subsequently released and withdrawn from the drugs "cold turkey."

Keep in mind that this withdrawal period is often the most violent and dangerous period of drug use.

The REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) is often referred to as a drug withdrawal state.

This "cold turkey" withdrawal approach can all too often produce a manic reaction or RBD, which can lead to criminal behavior. This is a very dangerous practice, not only posing a danger to the prisoner, but to society as well.


パキシル うつ コンサータ 麻薬 製薬会社営業の陰謀 新たなワナ




八代尚宏のような 外資族知識人有識者委員が揉み消し



これでやっと  狂った猟奇自暴自棄犯罪が無くなる

本来のNPO  腐蝕するNPO







日本政府にすら逆らって 犯罪企業からヤミ献金を受け取り、

NPOや大学教授、学会は 企業献金の公表義務が無くなったのだ

毎日新聞 - 2008年9月30日イレッサ:資金提供、
新たに1人 容認委員、製薬会社から受領--1700万円

--想起:Do Legalized Drug Pushers Influence TeenScreen? 
By John Carey
Big Pharma doesn't stop there. They are now busy making huge donations to pseudo-scientific and official-sounding mental health organizations and screening programs to push even more customers onto their drugs.
"Signs of Suicide" is a program developed by the non-profit group
"Screening for Mental Health, Inc."
Tax records show that donations from 2001-2004 included money from Solvay Pharmaceuticals: $27,500, Pfizer: $750,000, Abbott Laboratories: $35,000, Forest Labs: $153,000, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: $100,000, and Eli Lilly: $2,157,925. Why would drug companies donate millions to implement mental health screening if not to increase revenue and profits?


We find that the world's No. 1 drug firm has two directorswho are partners of J. P. Morgan Company, one who is director of Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank and one who is director of the Rothschild Bank, Manufacturers Hanover; most of the directors areconnected with vital defense industries, and interlock with otherdefense firms.

The No. 2 drug firm is Glaxo Holdings, with $3.4 billion insales. Its chairman is Austin Bide; deputy chairman is P. Girolami,who is a director of National Westminster Bank, one of England'sBig Five. Directors are Sir Alistair Frame, chairman of Rio TintoZinc, one of the three firms which are the basis of the Rothschildfortune. Scribd

Murder By Injection:
The Story Of The Medical Conspiracy Against America
By Eustace Mullins


日本社会-- 家庭-- 父親の不在 断想


鈴木孝夫氏 『私は、こう考えるのだが』 以下抜粋

人間は ある社会で生まれ育つ際に、
親や 周りの大人が行なっている社会でのあいさつの仕方を学習して

生まれた後で だんだんと 社会の中で身についていく
生きてゆくために必要な 知恵や知識の総体が 【文化】です。

親以外にも 祖父母 兄弟 周りの色々な人との 日常的な接触で、
うまく生きていくための 実践的な知恵を増やすことができました。


人間の場合と 極めてよく似た 文化行動が見られる--

動物園などで 人工的に育てられたサルは、
体は立派でも サルの社会で生きてゆくために必要な
幼児教育を 親から受けていないため、
たとえ 元の自然環境にもどしても うまく生きて行けません。

--森の中で 生きてゆく すべを知らず、
--文化的対応能力も 身に付いていないからです。


一部の子供は 親が子育てに 昔ほど熱意がないため、
家では テレビっ子 といわれるような 



動物園という 人工的な条件のもとで育てられた子ザルが

本来の自然な環境に適応できないのと まったく同様に


経済的な理由や 様々な社会変化の結果
--社会不適応の状態で 学校に入ってしまう


集団保育では、1人の子供と 特定の大人との間に
特別な関係が うまれない
-- 【心の母港】を持たず
-- 情緒不安定 

--人間の子供は 生まれてから3歳くらいまでの間に
自分の周りに いつもいる ある特定の1人の大人
自分にとって 特別の人間だ と思い込むようにできている--


誰でもよいが いつも特定の人が 幼児のそばに一定期間いることです。

それが母親ではなく 父親であってもよいし、


子供は 成長の過程で 

そこで癒されて 元気を取り戻して、 
再び 社会という波の荒い海に 出て行けます。


-- 子供を取り巻く 伝統的な私的人間関係が消滅し

--限りない経済成長、いっそうの便利さ 効率の良さの追求こそ
人間に さらなる幸福をもたらす

最近 アメリカに2、3年いても、 

と 私の知り合いから聞いて

アメリカでは 日本以上に
社会の機械化・自動化 が進んだことが考えられるという。

人と言葉を交わさずに暮らせるから 英語力が伸びないのだ、と。


知識 としての言語教育ではなく、

ほとんど無意識に学習される 【文化】としての日常の言葉、

集団で生きていくための 知恵と価値観に裏付けられた


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ジョン・テイラー・ガット『バカをつくる学校 』 訳:高尾菜つこさん 以下抜粋

すべては ここから始まった

ロックフェラー総合教育委員会の使命記述書(マニュフェスト)1905年 抜粋

『我々の夢は、人々が我々の作る型に おとなしく身を委ねることである。我々の使命はごく簡単である。子供たちを組織化し、彼らの親が不完全な方法でやっていることを、彼らには完全な方法でやるように教えることだ。 』


つまり、学校は 公式どおりに行動する人間、コントロール可能な人間を生み出すために作られたのである。この役割は見事に果たされ、社会ではますます階級化が進んでいる。そこでは、「支配階級」だけに自立と個性が許され、それ以外の大衆は 問題にされない。

アリストテレスによれば、『人は、地域社会で積極的な役割を果たさないかぎり、健全な人間には なれない』 彼の考えが正しかったことは、学校や老人ホームを見れば、明らかである。

1995年の共働き夫婦の購買力は、1905年の単身男性労働者のそれを 8%上回るだけだった。 繁栄に対する実態は、両親を家庭から遠ざけ、子供たちを託児所や商業的娯楽施設といった管理体制に放り込ませた。子供たちをクラス分けし、互いに対立させることによって、階級構造を確立した。そして、富と権力を一部の人間に 危険なほど集中させた


Children who go to nursery full-time 'become antisocial'

Nursery for two-year-olds 'will harm toddlers' '08,09,22'will+harm+toddlers'/

Gordon Brown's plan to provide free nursery places for two-year-olds risks creating a generation of "institutionalised" children, a psychologist warned today.

The Prime Minister has said he wants to extend the 15 hours of free childcare from three- and four-year-olds to two-year-olds to increase parents' choice over how they balance work and family life.
But Dr Richard House, a child psychologist at Roehampton University, said the drive to get mothers back into the workforce could be harmful to very young children.

"In this first couple of years the parent-child relationships are absolutely vital," he said. "That is when a parent and child really get to know each other.
"If that is disrupted, one of the great concerns is that when the children get to eight, 10 or 12 they are not going to have that foundation. There will be children not getting on with their parents or turning delinquent."

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New World Order Involvement In Illegal Immigration
By Mario Andrade

The New World Order is planning to turn this country into a nation of slaves, a nation of "cheap labor", a nation of submissive workers and consumers.

"I don't want a nation of thinkers.

I want a nation of workers."

--John D. Rockefeller

The Illuminati began to put their greedy plans to work in Mexico with the 1910 revolution.

The illuminatti saw those images and decided to BRING THAT TO THE US. Bring cheap labor. Bring those submissive workers. LETS MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!

Illegal immigration from Mexico is NOTHING NEW; it began shortly after the revolution took place ninety years ago.

The recent illegal immigration boom in California and the Southwest states is caused by fabricated armed conflicts in Chiapas, Guerrero, and Michoacan.

These conflicts are taking place among indigenous groups financed by the New World Order.

I think it's important to understand that most of the educational programs that are implemented in the United States stem from the National Education Association. And, the NEA was actually founded by John D. Rockefeller.
And John D. Rockefeller, I think, voiced the beliefs of this ruling elite that wants to try to homogenize our education system
when he was quoted as saying 'I don't want a nation of thinkers - I want a nation of workers'.

You think the purpose of education is reading, writing, and arithmetic? The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, actions, and feelings of students. Hitler wanted to control the educational system in Germany. Stalin did in Russia, Mao Zedong in China. You have to get a hold of the minds of the young where you break the person's values.
You break their understanding of their individuality. You bring them to consensus with the group. They become a member of the collective. It's Soviet education basically.

If they're gonna' have a global system of government, what type of government would that be? Of course, there are those now
that are touting the UN is the only answer, because our system is all flawed and our leaders are all screwed up and there's too much corruption here. Well they want to bring forward this world government through the UN Charter. Many people that support the UN Charter have never read it. And if they had read it and figured out where it came from, and compared the UN Charter to the United States Constitution they'll find that they're absolutely repugnant.

You can't have them coexisting.

So common sense tells me
that if the globalists want a one world government, they have to destroy the United States Constitution and our way of life. And, they've got to do so in such a way that we'll actually embrace it.

One of the things we're doing is developing all sorts of technology. Not to spy on the Russians, not to spy on the Chinese, not to spy on Osama Bin Laden, but to control the American people.